What is Air curtain?

An invisible door made up of fast moving (High Velocity) air.

What is the use of Air curtain?

Air curtain prevents the entry of dust, insects and retains the Heating/Cooling effect of the interior

How do Air Curtains Work?

Where it is extensively used?

Air curtains are extensively used in the following areas :: Food Processing Industry :: Pharmaceutical Industry :: Chemical labs & Industries :: Mineral Water plants :: Cold Storages :: Air-conditioned Hall :: Clean Rooms :: Hotels & Restaurants :: Bottling & Beverages :: Bakeries :: Showrooms :: Marriage Halls :: Computer Labs.

Air curtains enables effective maintenance of interior in areas polluted by dust and smoke.

What is the specialty of Midlink Air curtains?

We at Midlink Integrate state-of-art technology and Innovative design to create our Air curtains. We take for each and every machine, from manufacturing to installation.

We provide Air curtains that are tailor made to suit your requirements.

What about the Motors used in Air curtains?

We use motors from GE ( General Electricals Limited ) and REMI

Do this Air curtains perform in the long run?

Air curtains we manufacture are made out of CRCA sheets/ Stainless Steel (304)and specially coated with Epoxy powder with the technology of seven tank system.

Outer grills made of mild steel coated with Epoxy powder/ PVC coated. So there is no doubt about the performance in the long run.